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SEO analysis


Discover the weak points of your website. Get a detailed report in no time, and you’ll be able to see your SEO score, which google uses to determine where you stand when people search for your service on Google.

Based on:

  • Title, Meta description, keywords, headers.
  • Outdated programming language.
  • Technology used.
  • Display of the appropriate mobile version.
  • Web site size, media content.
  • Response time/speed performance.


Sell at the best price.

I am here to help you sell your property at the best price. Let me guide you through the registration process to get the most out of your investment.


Save time & energy.

Selling a property is an experience that can be accompanied by a lot of stress. Let me manage the transaction so you can slow down and focus on your move.


Market value assessment.

How much is my property worth?
This is a question that comes to my ear frequently. As a real estate broker it is also one of my duties to give an opinion of market value. Contact me to know the market value of your property.


Analysis of the current real estate market.

An analysis of the market is essential in order to put your property up for sale. Having access to a database filled with relevant information on the current market in your area, I will be able to estimate the market value of your property.


Sound advice .

In short, most of my work consists of giving you sound advice on marketing or buying your property. The training and experience I have acquired over the years allow me to give you many resources.


Implementation of targeted advertising

Without advertising, your home cannot be seen. That’s why, as a seasoned marketer, I make sure to develop strategic and relevant advertising campaigns based on your industry demographics.


Coordination of visits

Your property: a product we know. I organize your open houses in order to attract a multitude of potential buyers by using the different broadcasting networks to announce the events.


Home staging service

Because first impressions count for a lot. As a necessary part of the sale, your property must stand out from others on the market. Is your property ready for the market?


Professional photography

Because a picture is worth a thousand words! Each entry is photographed by a professional team. Today, technologies also allow us to capture aerial imagery by drone, and to conduct 360 degree virtual tours.


Aerial imaging by drone.

Take a step up and you will see better. Our team of professional filmmakers are available to capture the most beautiful angles. To stand out from other advertisers, offer a better visual, facilitate the presentation of the property & attract more potential visitors.

If you are too close to an airport area, our team may not be able to perform the aerial capture. I will be able to inform you about this.

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Real Estate Agency Independent and autonomous franchisee of RE/MAX Quebec

3193 Ontario Street E., Montreal, Quebec H1W 1P1

Cell: 514.793.3169
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Real Estate Broker, Jasmin Morin Inc.

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