Buying a property

Investing your savings in a house, condo or plex is probably the most complex financial transaction for most people. This is why I am committed to guiding you through the entire process of buying your property.


Buy at the best price.

I am here to help you buy your property at the best price thanks to my negotiation skills. Let me guide you so that you can maximize your investment.


Save time & energy.

Buying a property is an experience that can be accompanied by a lot of stress. Let me manage the transaction so you can slow down and focus on your move.


Market value assessment.

Is it worth it?
This is a question that comes to my ear frequently. As a real estate broker it is also one of my duties to give a market value opinion on your future investment.


Analysis of the current real estate market.

A market analysis is essential to analyze the purchase price of your investment. Having access to a database filled with relevant information on the current market of your sector, I will be able to estimate the stakes.


Sound advice .

In short, most of my work consists of giving you sound advice on marketing or buying your property. The training and experience I have acquired over the years allow me to give you many resources.


Coordination of visits

Your future property: a product we know. I will be able to organize the visits of your favorites in order to guide you and give you an objective opinion.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a property, step by step

This guide will show you the steps to take to buy a property with confidence with a real estate broker like me.

Three components are presented in this document:

– Before: How to prepare yourself
– During: Interested in a property?
– After: Steps after the Promise to Purchase

OACIQ Buyer's Guide