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Why should I use a real estate broker?

As a broker, I offer you many advantages and protections that you don’t have when acting alone or with an online sales company.

For example, I take care of all the steps of your transaction. I offer you the benefit of my solid network of professionals, my expertise and my skills – both in evaluation and negotiation.

What is MLS and Centris? is a service of information diffusion between real estate professionals. When I list your property on Centris®, all brokers who have access to it are informed that your home is on the market. Since this service is also available to all potential buyers, it is an advantageous showcase.

In Quebec, Centris® has is the only service that provides information between brokers or agencies., which many still erroneously call “MLS® “, is one of the various websites I use to market your property because I am a member of a real estate board which is itself a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association.

How is the fee, called commission, determined?

The rate or percentage of the fee is not set by the Real Estate Brokerage Act or by the OACIQ, or even by any law.

The remuneration, known as commission, is based on free competition. Generally, it is based on a percentage of the sale price of the property and is usually paid at the time of signing the deed of sale. It can also be a flat fee or an hourly rate and can be paid upon completion of the services.

What should I do before putting my property on the market?

– Clear out rooms that are overcrowded with furniture or unnecessary things
– Tidying up the property
– Do a major cleaning
– In some cases, a “home-staging” would be advised to optimize and embellish the rooms.

When should I put my property on the market?

Any season is good! Indeed, at all times, motivated buyers are present in the market.

Will I need a new certificate of location?

If you have done any work on the exterior of the house or if your certificate of location is more than 10 years old, yes. Please note that a certificate of location representing your individual portion is required if you live in a divided co-ownership.

What about the legal warranty?

For a detailed explanation, please see this page.

What are the costs associated with buying a property?

As a buyer, your costs are limited to those related to the transaction, such as the cost of the inspection, notary fees and transfer duties.

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