In preparation mode

In order to maximize the sale potential of your property, here is a checklist to help you prepare your property for the photo shoot.

Don’t forget that the photos are the most important elements of the marketing. Because these lead the customer to make an appointment for a visit. It is said that the first 5 photos are the most important, just like the first 5 seconds when entering the house. The famous ‘Coup de foudre’!

Plan to do these points the day before or before the photographer arrives and not during the photo shoot.



For the kitchen

The kitchen and bathroom are said to be the two most important rooms in the property.

Remove soap pumps, paper towel rolls, cleaning brushes, sponges, magnets and other unnecessary items from the refrigerator and toaster.

Clear all counters so the client can feel like they are visiting a property they can move into overnight or not feel like they are in a stranger’s home. If the trash can is visible, put it in a storage area or closet while taking pictures.

Remove dish towels from the oven handle and cabinet doors.

If you have pets, be sure to remove any food bowls. You can consult with the photographer as to whether or not the bird cage should be removed.

Finally, remove carpets, rugs and small rugs on the floor to avoid giving the impression to buyers that you are trying to hide a defect in the floor (broken slats or cracked ceramics).


For the bathroom

Remove soap pumps, tissue boxes, beauty products in the shower/bath (soap, shampoo bottles, washcloths…), remove the toilet brush and the toilet cleaner. Clear the vanity by removing beauty products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup, etc. Replace the hand towels, arranging them carefully. Move the trash can under the sink or into storage. Clean mirrors. Finally, remove the floor mats.


For bedrooms

Make the beds, put away the toys and remove unnecessary items from the bedside tables (tissues, medicines etc..) so that a lamp and/or lamps are not left there. If you have a walk-in closet, please make sure that it is well organized. We may not take pictures of closets or closets at your discretion.

If you have an office space, make sure the desk tops are clear.


In the lobby

Avoid the presence of pegs. Put away shoes, boots, umbrellas and coats so that they are out of sight. Entrance mats must be removed.


In the living room

Avoid clutter. Too much is like not enough. Avoid too many plants, cushions, portraits, collectibles. Remote controls must be stored.


Decorations and general guidelines

Personal photographs, seasonal decorations (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.) or decorations of questionable taste, as well as religious signs must be removed to depersonalize the property. As we are in a multi-cultural area, it is important to opt for a neutral decoration (some religions do not celebrate Halloween, Easter and Christmas).

  • The cleaning is impeccable.

  • The floors are washed.

  • The empoules are functional.

  • The spaces are uncluttered.

  • The rooms have a pleasant smell.



Accessible spaces

Make sure the backyard is easily accessible, either from the inside or the outside.


In winter (when there is snow)

During the winter, make sure there is a clear path to the yard, as far away as possible, to show the size of the lot. If you have pets, be sure to pick up any droppings left on the property. If possible, clear snow from parking lots, stairs and entertainment areas such as the SPA, cabana or fire pit.


In summer

In the summer, make sure gardening items such as hoses, pool accessories and toys are put away. Clothes on the clothesline should be absent as well. If you have pets, be sure to pick up any droppings left on the property. A freshly mowed lawn and careful landscaping produce beautiful results.


In autumn

The colored leaves are very pretty in autumn. However, it is best to collect the leaves to present a lawn that should be neat and well maintained. People are often apprehensive about what the field will look like in the summer. Abundant weeds? Stale grass? Spaces where there is no grass? If you don’t have time to bag the leaves, you can direct them to the base of the trees to show that you care about the maintenance of your yard.



Vehicles & parking.

Move vehicles out of the parking lot and garage and off the property. Ideally at least 50 meters from the property since the photographer could take aerial photographs by drone and therefore we wish to have a nice view without vehicles. Also remove snow shovels, rakes, salt bags and other obstructions so that they cannot be seen from the street.

At the last minute, remove garbage, recycling or compost bins and move them away from the property. You can also put them in the garage or behind the house during the first few shots.


Screens, televisions and mobile objects.

To get the best photographic results, turn off computer monitors and televisions. You should also disable objects that are in motion, such as fans.


Presence ofanimals.

When the photographer arrives, it is preferable to take the dog out because it could disturb the photographer in his work. It is not uncommon for dogs to drop the photographer’s camera, a camera costing close to $15,000, or to be present on the photographic results. You can also leave the animals in an already photographed room.


Brightness = optimized result.

Turn on all the lights to ensure maximum brightness. This will also help to ‘warm up the atmosphere’.


Taking charge

Once you have ordered the photo, you will receive an email (if not already done) with the confirmation of the appointment. If the property is not ready for the session, there may be a delay in the schedule. Your presence is not mandatory.

Upon arrival, the photographer will introduce himself and briefly explain the process of the photo shoot. It could, if necessary, issue some instructions or recommendations. The professional photographer knows his work very well and will make sure that you get the best marketing result. It is therefore important to consider its recommendations.

The photographer will take pictures of all rooms unless otherwise specified by you.

The photographer will also take note of the type of floor and the measurements of each room with a laser measure, so that we can present the property in great detail.

Unfortunately you will not be able to see the results on site but you will be able to take a look in the next few hours. Generally, we receive the proofs the same day or the next day at the latest.

Once back at the office, the photographer will sort through the prints to select the best ones, which will allow you to benefit from the best possible marketing.